What You Will Get

1. After the photoshoot, depending on the number of the photos, photo editing would take between 2 and 4 working days, that includes but not limited to shortlisting, colour balancing, cropping, lightening, darkening... etc.

2. Final photos get uploaded on this site to a private album, that can be accessed using a unique link, you will get that link by email when it's ready. There you could view, download and share with your team or friends at your convenience. For environmental reasons, I don't burn photos on CDs or DVDs anymore, but only upon request, so that is optional for a minimal extra fee. DVD engraving with your choice of branding, text or graphics is available, this engraving is mono-color.

3. FREE Wireless TetheringAll event jobs are eligible to get a unique service that is usually suitable for informal parties and events. Wireless Tethering is an optional add-on service where I use a special combination of wireless technologies to broadcasts the photos as I shoot them right from my camera into the venues projector(s), with a minor delay between 5 sec to 30 sec depending on the frequency of the action that is being photographed. Click the sample photos on this page and notice the projectors viewing the guests at the venue. Whether it was a formal reception or a casual party, it's fun and a great way to engage the guests as they see their photos, the action or performance displayed on the screen, only seconds after each photo is taken. This service usually costs AED800 and I'm currently offering it to everybody for free with the events photography packages.

Please note that all photography services are on a first come first serve basis and subject to time availability, so it's recommended to get a quotation ASAP by sending your brief using the Contact Page to make sure that you reserve the right time slot on my agenda.

Keywords: Corporate event, shop or business opening, public show, exhibition, sites, industrial setups, product launch, birthday party, new born, prom, marriage proposal, family gathering, single portraits, couples, kids...

Wireless Tethering Sample Photos

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